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Interactive product presentations

Make shopping on your website special for your customers - let them experience rotatable, customizable and individually configurable product offers. We specialize in the creation of interactive product presentations of all kinds: smartly designed and easily handled planners, ramified configurators, comprehensive guides, and more. Visualize all of your products' appealing features, via photographs or rendered in 3D - an interactive and multifunctional product display increases the value of your site for your customers. And it sets you apart from the mass of your competitiors and their off-the-shelves online shops!


iPhone and iPad apps

App infos & examples
Flappp app
Trashcan reminder app
Hailo AR app
COMBIN3! game app


Planner infos & examples
TOZZINI sofa planner
Outflexx lounge planner
Couch planner


Configurator infos & examples
Table configurator
HAILO color configurator
Upholstered bed configurator
Wardrobe configurator

Assortment guides

Assortment guide infos & examples
Wall decor gallery
Baby's room interior
Light studio
Media furniture guide

Individual product presentations

Individual product infos & examples
Table stand in 3D
Multiball 3D game
HAILO binball game
360° couch



We mainly use these applications and programming languages for our projects:

Flash ActionScript 3, Away3D
Unity3D C#, Futile, TNet
Director Lingo
Xcode Objective-C, SQLite
Web JavaScript, WebGL, Three.js, AJAX, PHP, mySQL